IEC mobilizers engage communities and gain support for IRS

15,000 women trained to support indoor residual spraying

4 million children under 5 protected from malaria

A mother and her child in northern Ghana are protected from malaria by AIRS. Credit: Erin Schiavone

900,000 pregnant women protected from malaria

AIRS Ghana spray operator

97% of targeted households protected from malaria

More than 25 million people in Africa protected from malaria

Where We Work

Project Highlights

AIRS – How IRS Works

In sub-Saharan Africa, malaria is the leading cause of death among children under five. The PMI-funded Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (AIRS) project is working to stop malaria from spreading. AIRS uses long-lasting insecticide that is sprayed on the walls, ceilings, and surfaces inside homes where malaria-carrying mosquitoes rest before and after feeding. This is how […]

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AIRS Releases Team Leader Guide

AIRS has developed a new Team Leader Guide to assist supervisors leading IRS operations. The guide outlines a Team Leader’s roles and responsibilities to ensure that spray campaigns are efficient, on schedule, and environmentally compliant. The guide serves as a reference for Team Leaders, Supervisors and District Coordinators, providing checklists to reduce errors and to ensure sprays […]

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Armed in Malaria Prevention

Entomological Monitoring in the Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Program An integral part of AIRS is robust entomological monitoring, enabling entomologists to identify which mosquitoes carry malaria, the feeding and resting habits of the vector, the quality of spraying, as well as insecticide resistance.  

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