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21,000 women trained to support indoor residual spraying

baby and mom

Nearly 6 million children under 5 protected from malaria

A mother and her child in northern Ghana are protected from malaria by AIRS. Credit: Erin Schiavone

1.2 million pregnant women protected from malaria

AIRS Ghana spray operator

97% of targeted households protected from malaria

More than 39 million people in Africa protected from malaria

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The Insecticide Cocktail: Finding the Right Buzz Requires Research

A PMI AIRS Project Study Published in the Malaria Journal Finds the First Step to Managing Insecticide Resistance is Monitoring Its Spread Since the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) launched in 2005, malaria control interventions across sub-Saharan Africa have scaled up dramatically. According to the World Health Organization, between 2000 and 2013, the estimated number of malaria cases […]

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Preparing to Pass the Baton

PMI AIRS Helps Build Capacity of Rwanda Government to Conduct IRS Campaigns to Prevent Malaria Rwanda’s entire population of 12 million people is at risk of contracting malaria. In 2008, the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) began supporting indoor residual spraying (IRS) in Rwanda, as one of the most effective ways to protect people against the […]

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Mosquito Madness

In July, the PMI AIRS Project conducted two regional trainings to ensure the project’s entomologists and technical managers have the required skills needed to monitor intensity of insecticide resistance and to evaluate the impact of indoor residual spraying on entomological indicators. The 5-day project-wide trainings were held in Adama, Ethiopia, July 6-10, and in Accra, Ghana, July […]

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