15,000 women trained to support indoor residual spraying

4 million children under 5 protected from malaria

A mother and her child in northern Ghana are protected from malaria by AIRS. Credit: Erin Schiavone

900,000 pregnant women protected from malaria

AIRS Ghana spray operator

97% of targeted households protected from malaria

More than 25 million people in Africa protected from malaria

Where We Work

Project Highlights

Fighting Malaria in Madagascar

Malaria is a major problem in Madagascar, where much of the population is at risk. In May 2014, following presidential elections and the inauguration of a new government, the U.S. Government lifted the restrictions on working directly with the government of Madagascar. PMI is now re-engaging with the Malagasy Ministry of Health from the central […]

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PMI AIRS Malaria Fighter: Tahina Masihelison

“The fight against malaria is not only about getting rid of the disease but also about the safety and environmental impact of doing so.” Antananarivo, Madagascar  When Environmental Compliance Officer Tahina Masihelison started working for The PMI AIRS Project he was well-familiar with the importance of safely managing insecticides for the health of people and […]

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Advocating for Action Against Malaria

AIRS Project Director Bradford Lucas, Senior Technical Director Dereje Dengela and Director of Operations Allan Were attended the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Vector Control Working Group (VCWG) annual meeting January 28 -30 in Geneva, Switzerland. Dereje Dengela was appointed the new co-chair of the Working Group’s IRS Workstream. Brad Lucas presented on Building Country Capacity […]

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