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21,000 women trained to support indoor residual spraying

baby and mom

Nearly 6 million children under 5 protected from malaria

A mother and her child in northern Ghana are protected from malaria by AIRS. Credit: Erin Schiavone

1.2 million pregnant women protected from malaria

AIRS Ghana spray operator

97% of targeted households protected from malaria

More than 36 million people in Africa protected from malaria

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Project Highlights

Commemorating World Malaria Day

  On World Malaria Day, The PMI AIRS Project celebrates protecting more than 37 million people in Africa from malaria, including nearly 6 million children under five. In the past year, the project sprayed 3.2 million homes in 13 countries with insecticide that kills mosquitoes that transmit malaria. An integral part of our work is robust entomological monitoring; enabling entomologists […]

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Seasonal Workers Share the Wealth

Incomes generated from IRS campaigns improve quality of life as seasonal workers pay it forward The President’s Malaria Initiative Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (PMI AIRS) Project is not only protecting people against malaria but also providing much needed income for communities. In Rwanda, the additional income seasonal workers have earned through IRS campaigns has allowed […]

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Increasing Women’s Roles in Entomology Pays Off

The PMI AIRS Project in Nigeria Helps Increase the Number of Women in Field Research Although Nigeria is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, gender inclusion still remains a challenge for the country, particularly in entomology research. Field research often requires spending the entire […]

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