Introducing AIRS Pocket Guides

Achieving standardization across AIRS countries

The Africa IRS (AIRS) project manages indoor residual spraying (IRS) operations and logistics in 13 endemic countries. AIRS Operations Director, Allan Were, has developed pocket-sized job aids in hopes of achieving a higher level of standardization in operational performance. The AIRS IRS Storekeeper Pocket Guide and AIRS IRS Spray Operator Pocket Guide complement the trainings spray operators and storekeepers undergo before the start of a spray campaign.

“There can be up to 400-900 spray operators in the field during a campaign,” said Were. “By having a pocket guide, personnel in the field can have a tool that is readily available should any operational or safety questions and concerns arise. The guides are not intended to replace existing trainings, tools, or manuals, but to be used alongside them.” The AIRS project has distributed thousands of guides – printed in English, French, Malagasy, and Portuguese – to all 13 countries.

Read the AIRS IRS Spray Operator Pocket Guide here.