PMI AIRS Study Published in Malaria Journal

The PMI AIRS Project’s manuscript “A village level cluster-randomized entomological evaluation of combination long-lasting insecticidal nets containing pyrethroid plus PBO synergist in Southern Mali” was published in the peer-reviewed journal Malaria Journal November 21, 2017.

The study found that “Over the 2 years of the trial neither deltamethrin + PBO LLINs nor permethrin + PBO LLINs provided a meaningful improvement over deltamethrin or permethrin LLINs, respectively. It is important to recognize that during village selection, bottle bioassays with pre-exposure to PBO resulted in improved mortality but did not restore vector susceptibility; particularly for permethrin the increase in mortality was relatively small. LLINs containing PBO may have a greater impact in areas where mixed function oxidases play a more important role in pyrethroid resistance.”

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