Twenty-four people participated in the ZAP entomology training, including Dr. Mirna Gavidia, a vector control technician working for the Ministry of Health in El Salvador. Photo credit: Diana Romero Arias

ZAP Entomology Training in El Salvador

Entomologists trained in vector control techniques to prevent the spread of Zika In 2015, the first case of the Zika virus transmitted locally in Latin America was identified in Brazil. One year later, more than 33 countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region were affected by the virus and the World Health Organization had […]

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Fighting the Bite in Kenya: What We’ve Learned about Malaria Control

                    By: Bradley Longman, Chief of Party, AIRS Kenya Malaria remains the leading cause of hospitalization and death in Kenya, despite being an entirely preventable and treatable disease. While enormous progress has been made in reducing cases and saving lives, much work remains to reach the […]

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World Malaria Day 2017

The PMI AIRS Project is celebrating World Malaria Day around the world, from Kenya to Zimbabwe. In 17 countries across Africa, we work to protect communities from malaria – one of the most deadly but preventable diseases. In 2016, we protected more than 13 million people by spraying insecticide on the walls, ceilings and indoor […]

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