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The PMI AIRS Project facilitated the disposal of 119 tons of obsolete DDT.

PMI Helps Ethiopia Clean Up Hazardous Waste

PMI AIRS Supports Ethiopia‚Äôs Disposal of DDT For the past six decades, Ethiopia has implemented indoor residual spraying (IRS) to control malaria. In that time, the country has used a variety of insecticides in an effort to combat resistance. As the country periodically shifted to different insecticides, it was often left with an accumulation of […]

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Taking Out the Trash

The PMI AIRS Project is safely disposing of expired insecticide, reducing public health and environmental risks For the past six decades, the Government of Ethiopia has used a variety of insecticides for indoor residual spraying (IRS), including DDT, malathion, deltamethrin, bendiocarb, and propoxur. Over time, the country has accumulated large stocks of expired insecticides as […]

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