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AIRS Mali Wins $50,000 for E-Inventory Innovation

The PMI Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Project’s (AIRS) Mali country program was recently awarded the Grand Prize of PMI’s Innovation Challenge. AIRS Mali won the challenge for its innovation to better manage insecticide inventory. AIRS Mali designed an Access-based database system, known as the “e-inventory”, to provide a daily balance of all insecticides located in […]

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Blazing the trail for women in IRS

                        In Mali, a conflict-ridden country where nearly half the population lives below the poverty line, Maimouna Sanogo is a woman making a difference. She helps protect people in her country from malaria through her works as a supervisor on the Abt Associates-led, President’s […]

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Video: Insectary-in-a-box solves entomological dilemma

Indoor residual spraying program implementers depend on entomological research to test if insecticide sprayed on walls of homes is indeed killing malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. In a mere three weeks, the USAID-funded Africa Indoor Residual Spraying team turned a 40-by-8-foot shipping container into an insectary equipped for breeding, rearing, and testing mosquitoes. By not incurring the expense […]

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