Ghana children. Credit: Erin Schiavone.

Malaria is the number one cause of illness in Ghana, accounting for about 38% of outpatient visits. One-third of deaths among children under 5 are caused by malaria.


Indoor Residual Spraying Areas

AiRS Ghana map Nov 2012 260x307

The President’s Malaria Initiative began supporting indoor residual spraying (IRS) campaigns to prevent malaria in Ghana in 2008. IRS is implemented in Northern Region where malaria is a major public health concern. Almost one-quarter (21%) of total malaria deaths in childhood was observed in the Northern Region, according to Ghana Health Service.



IRS and other malaria control initiatives have made remarkable gains in the fight against malaria. Since the launch of the President’s Malaria Initiative in 2005, all-cause mortality rates for children under five in Ghana have decreased by 26%, according to the Malaria Indicator Survey. Read the Ghana PMI Country Profile to learn more.

See recent IRS campaign results and success stories below.


AIRS Ghana IRS Results, 2012

  • Start date: Round 1 - April 23
  • Length of campaign: Round 1 - 72 days
  • Areas covered: Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo, Chereponi, East Mamprusi, Gushegu, Karaga, Saboba, Savelugu-Nanton, Tolon, West Mamprusi
# Structures Sprayed355,278
Spray Coverage93%
Total Population Protected941,240
Children under 5 Protected187,653
Pregnant Women Protected22,707
# People Trained992

AIRS Ghana IRS Results, 2013

  • Start date: April 29
  • Length of campaign: 53 days
  • Areas covered: Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo, East Mamprusi, Savelugu-Nanton, West Mamprusi
# Structures Sprayed197,655
Spray Coverage91.1%
Total Population Protected534,060
Children under 5 Protected102,115
Pregnant Women Protected11,617
# People Trained669

AIRS Ghana IRS Results, 2014

  • Start date: April 14
  • Length of campaign: 36 days
  • Areas covered: Bunkpurugu Yunyoo, East Mamprusi, Savelugu Nanton, West Mamprusi
# Structures Sprayed205,230
Spray Coverage83.8
Total Population Protected570,572
Children under 5 Protected230,862
Pregnant Women Protected12,538
# People Trained750

AIRS Ghana IRS Results, 2015

    # Structures Sprayed205,935
    Spray Coverage99.5
    Total Population Protected553,954
    Children under 5 Protected98,525
    Pregnant Women Protected11,676
    # People Trained698

    AIRS Ghana IRS Results, 2016

      # Structures Sprayed211,283
      Spray Coverage92.7%
      Total Population Protected570,871
      Children under 5 Protected96,150
      Pregnant Women Protected10,881
      # People Trained694