Female Spray Operators. Photo Credit: Brad Lucas

Female spray operators. Photo Credit: Brad Lucas

Sengal’s entire population of 13.3 million people is at risk of malaria. The President’s Malaria Initiative has supported IRS in Senegal since 2007.


Indoor Residual Spraying Areas

AiRS Senegal crop









In 2015, AIRS Senegal successfully conducted spray operations in the four target districts of Malem Hoddar, Koungheul, Koumpentoum, and Nioro. AIRS Senegal continued to use the SMS platform to collect and disseminate spray campaign data on a daily basis to PMI and local stakeholders. The project  used a smartphone application for delivering standardized supervision throughout the campaign, thereby improving the overall quality of the spray campaign. Six mobile soak pits were used in three sites (Koumpentoum, Malem Hoddar, and Nioro).

Senegal has made remarkable progress in malaria control. Since 2005, all-cause mortality rates for children under five in Senegal have decreased by 40%, according to the Malaria Indicator Survey. Read the Senegal PMI Country Profile to learn more.


AIRS Senegal IRS Results, 2012

  • Start date: June 6
  • Length of campaign: 48 days
  • Areas covered: Guinguinéo, Koungheul, Koumpentoum, Malem Hodar, Nioro, and Vélingara
# Structures Sprayed306,916
Spray Coverage98%
Total Population Protected1,095,093
Children under 5 Protected220,463
Pregnant Women Protected26,263
# People Trained1,221

AIRS Senegal IRS Results, 2013

  • Start date: July 15
  • Length of campaign: 49 days
  • Areas covered: Koumpentoum,  Koungheul, Malem Hoddar, and Velingara
# Structures Sprayed207,116
Spray Coverage97.2%
Total Population Protected690,029
Children under 5 Protected126,888
Pregnant Women Protected15,592
# People Trained933

AIRS Senegal IRS Results, 2014

  • Start date: May 15
  • Length of campaign: 34 days
  • Areas covered: Koumpentoum, Koungheul, Malem Hoddar, and Velingara
# Structures Sprayed204,159
Spray Coverage97.4
Total Population Protected708,999
Children under 5 Protected129,609
Pregnant Women Protected17,240
# People Trained1,263

AIRS Senegal IRS Results, 2015

    # Structures Sprayed111,201
    Spray Coverage97.4%
    Total Population Protected434,201
    Children under 5 Protected76,263
    Pregnant Women Protected8,386
    # People Trained1,287

    AIRS Senegal IRS Results, 2016

      # Structures Sprayed124,757
      Spray Coverage97.3%
      Total Population Protected496,728
      Children under 5 Protected82,768
      Pregnant Women Protected9,951
      # People Trained793